Monday, June 4, 2012

[Trans] 120603 - Seven笑’s Weibo Update about EXO-M

#华语巴士音乐榜# 韩国新声天团@EXO-M 结束韩国宣传,积聚攻势,重新回归!6月,@EXO-M 将以最新鲜有型的姿态,登陆CCTV移动传媒,全国移动平台播出网络,更会携全新作品,战斗每天覆盖4亿人次的#华语巴士音乐榜# !@山姆40 @巴士在线 @王献蜀 @EXO官网
#Chinese Music Bus Chart# New Korean group @EXO-M has ended promotions in Korea,accumulating power,once again returning to China!In June,@EXO-M will present the the freshest taste, upon CCTV’s mobile media, Their promotions will be broadcast online across the whole country, and will bring even more new works, with over 400 million viewers daily! #Chinese Music Bus Chart# !@山姆40 @巴士在线 @王献蜀 @EXO官网

source: seven笑’s weibo
translation cr; angi @exom-trans
take out with full credits
seven笑 is a music program director)


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