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Friday, April 27, 2012

[Photos] 120422 Avenue of the Stars Lu Han Focus 17P

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[Video] 120427 EXO-K on Music Bank


[Video] 120427 SS4 Indonesia EXO-M Mama Fancam

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120427 SS4 Indonesia Pt 2 6P

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[Photos] 120426 EXO-M at Incheon Airport Pt 2 8P

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[Photos] 120427 SS4 Indonesia

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[Photos] 120421 EXO-K Fansign @ Coex Pt 2 12P

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[Trans] 120427 Chen Updates EXO-M Website

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[Trans] 120427 Lay Updates SMTOWN EXO-M Website

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Trans] 120426 EXO-M's Skyhigh Popularity Prompts Increased Ticket Prices

Debuting for barely a month, their TV recording session in Changsha attracted huge crowd of fans, with illegal tickets sold for up to a thousand yuan
If you don’t know EXO M, you are losing out.
Even though Korean company SM Entertainment’s newest group, EXO M, has only debuted for 26 days, they displayed huge popularity when they arrived at Changsha yesterday. Yesterday night, EXO M and Show Lou (Taiwanese singer) filmed Happy Camp today, attracting numerous fans down to the studio, and the scene of people reselling tickets for the recording showcased their tremendous popularity. “The tickets were sold for the highest price ever, even more expensive than when Lee Minho came last year.” Also, one member, Lay, whose hometown is Changsha, seems really happy to be back – “I miss home a lot, it is my honour to come back to my hometown to film for a program”.
Taiwan mother: They are already so popular now; it will be difficult to watch their live performances in the future.
1st April, EXO M had their official debut in Beijing. But this group, which has barely debut for a month, had shown tremendous popularity. Ever since it was confirmed that EXO M would be coming to Changsha to film for a TV program, there was much hype happening on EXO M’s tieba. When they arrived yesterday from Korea to Changsha, many fans were there at the airport to welcome them.
Yesterday afternoon, even though it wasn’t 3pm yet, there were many fans waiting outside the recording studio already. Some fan commented that “there are many fans from Russia, Malaysia and Taiwan”. One fan who flew in from Taiwan said “They are SM’s newest idol group, and they have a lot of potential to excel in the Chinese market.” And her favourite member is Lay, who is almost as old as her son, as she feels that he is very hardworking. When asked for the reason for flying over to Changsha for the recording, she said that “They are already so popular now; it will be difficult to watch their live performances in the future.”
Illegal tickets sold for up to 1600 yuan, and yet the tickets were still not enough.
EXO M’s popularity can be seen from the tickets of the recording. Even though the tickets for the show were not for sale, illegal sellers can still get some tickets from the audience somehow. At around 3.30pm yesterday, when there was still 5 hours before the start of the show, the sellers were selling the tickets for high prices. The reporter went and asked for the price, which was already being sold for 1200-1600 yuan. One seller was very excited, as “the guests for today are EXO and Show Luo, meaning that the tickets can be sold for the highest price ever. Also, Korean artistes are very popular, such as Super Junior M and Lee Minho, though the price for a ticket for Lee Minho’s recording didn’t fetch as high price as that of EXO M’s”.
Even though the price of one ticket is even more expensive than that of a VIP ticket for a concert, there was still high demand for the tickets. Up till 6pm, fans were willing to pay 1500 yuan for a ticket, but there just weren’t enough tickets.
Under strict orders from the company, the venue was cleared entirely for their rehearsal.
SM Entertainment is known to be very strict with their artistes, and EXO M is not an exception either.
At around 7pm, EXO M had already arrived at Huanghua Airport, but they only came out after 8pm. Some fans were guessing that they took so long because they needed to tidy up their appearances. Then yesterday at 5pm, the 6 members of EXO M arrived at the studio for the rehearsal, and all of the staff who was not involved in the recording was chased out from the studio. According to a staff, it was a request from SM.
An honour to be back home recording for a program
In the group, there is a familiar face, that is, the 2nd runner up of the 2008 «Stars academy», Zhang Yi Xing (Lay). After training in Korea, this is his first time coming back home to record for a TV program. Lay specially introduce himself to be from Changsha and that he missed home a lot while in Korea, so to be back home filming for a show is his honour. Also, his mother, who was at the recording, said that his family members missed him too while he was in Korea. But this time round, Lay can only return back to his hometown but not back home. Lay commented that he had already called his family while in Changsha, but due to time constraints, he was not able to return home for a visit.
Article source: epaper
Translations: booiny

[Photos] 10422 Avenue of the Stars Recording Part 2 8P

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[Photos] 120426 Incheon Airport to Jakarta 7P

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[Eng Sub] 120425 EXO-K on RT M Countdown

Credit: kaeat@youtube.com

[Eng Sub] 120419 EXO-K @ Mnet Countdown Backstage Interview

English subs start @2:55 
Credit: hpark310@youtube

[Photos] 120426 EXO-M Fantaken Airport Photos (30p)

This post includes pictures of EXO-M landing in Incheon Airport and when they took the flight over to Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Source: as tagged (blackrouge, Luhanland,WOO_ 小龍 indragon, krismedarling, cherish you, s.berrywaffle, yiyao, ceyenne, skipfire, april, missjessy)
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Photos] 120424 Kris @ Beijing Airport (13p)

Credit: as tagged
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[Photos] 120422 Avenue of the Stars Recording

cr: exosirius

[Trans] 120424 Xiumin updates EXO-M's official website

Hello everyone~? I am EXO-M's Xiumin! Because of all the fan's love and support, we will continue to work hard promoting. I hope everyone would give us even more care in the future, ke ke ke Today we've arrived at Lay's hometown, Changsha~ Tomorrow we will be recording "Happy camp" Also it's because we're eager to meet with fans from Changsha!! Hahaha ^^ Ah right! I'm really thankful to all the fans who came to send us off at Beijing and also everyone who came to welcome us at Changsha's airport! "Little bun" Xiumin!! I'll treat everyone's support and care as an encouragement and will work hard on recording the programme EXO will become a group that does their best and works hard to develop themselves. We are one!! Thank you!! -Xiumin-

Source: exo-m.smtown.com
Translations: heechvl@twitter/heecups@tumblr

[Video] 120419 EXO-K Backstage @ M Countdown

Credit: bluebirdsfly9@youtube
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[Photos] 120423 EXO-K Sports Korea Photoshoot (9p)

Source: Sports Korea
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[Photos] 120424 EXO-K on Show! Champion (8p)

Source: StarN
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[Raw Video] 120424 EXO-K on Show! Champion, Mini interview cut

Credit: KPOPMimi@youtube

[M/V] 120424 SMTown- Dear My Family + Lyrics

D.O. @1:20, 
D.O. & Luhan @2:24

Source: SMTOWN@youtube

Monday, April 23, 2012

[Info] 120424 Kris updates EXO-M's website

Hello everyone, I am EXO-M’s leader Kris
How are you guys doing? I hope you all like our first mini album «MAMA» ^^
After a hundred days of online promotion, we finally made our debut!
Although we’re mainly promoting in China, we hope to meet with fans from all around the world too
You’ve all witnessed our 100th day debut, witnessed our growth ^^
I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with you, but finally today we can interact through the “From EXO-M board”, leaving all of you a message
Yesterday we recording a really amazing chinese show, «Avenue of the Stars»
Really thankful to everyone for giving us such a great stage to perform on
We’re really honoured to be on the show
Anyways, I still remember our first showcase, you guys were awesome
It will always be one of the best moment that I will treasure in my life
I miss you all, I love you all, all fans, zzang!!
Source: EXO-M Official Site 
Translations: heecups@tumblr/heechvl@twitter
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Photos] 120417 EXO-K on Show! Champion official pictures

Source: 쇼챔피언
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[Eng Sub] 120417 EXO-K on Show! Champion

Previous posted with soft subs, this video has hard subs :)
Raw video: CapsuleHD18 
Subbed by: hpark310 / ssoybean / goldenratioKAI

[Photos] 120423 EXO-M Weibo Updates

About half an hour ago, EXO-M official weibo updated the site with several pictures taken yesterday during the recording of Walk of Fame. More pictures under the cut! 

[Photos] 120422 EXO-M updates on Weibo

EXO-M came to the recording of CCTV <Walk of Fame>

EXO-M scene rehearsal for CCTV <Walk of Fame>

Source: EXO-M weibo
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[Video] 120422 EXO-M MC's for Music Billboard Chart

Credit: fyeahexo@youtube 
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[Video] 120422 EXO-K performs MAMA on Inkigayo

Credit: CapsuleHD20@youtube 
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