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Friday, June 8, 2012

[Video] 120608 EXO-K performs MAMA on Music Bank @ Jeonju

Source: namja1to4

[Photos] 120608 EXO-M at Taoyuan + Incheon Airport

Credit: As tagged: CAPA [wretch.cc/blog/capatw], December Follow [weibo.com/december0410], All For Kris [blog.sina.com.cn/allforkris], WingsKris [merrykris.com], Dear My Deer [dearmydeer.dothome.co.kr], KrisChina, Fall In Exo [weibo.com/kimouiyu], Maoxe_exo, Klu, Sasum+Me [ruhanexo.blog.me]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Photos] 120606 EXO-K ChungJoo Fansign

Source: As tagged, suave ISLAND (suave-do.kr), UPPERCLASS (kimjunmyun.com), chan10 (chan10.net), 리얼종인 (realjongin93.blog.me), Pobanim, do you remember, lorraine_nie
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This post will be updated when other photos are uploaded :)

[Eng Sub] 120606 Weekly Idol: Kai and Taemin

Source: patatajkim

[Eng Sub] 120606 EXO-M Bus Music Chart

Source: exoticsubs

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Trans] 120605 EXO-M Weibo Updates

[EVENT] EXO-M has returned to China for activities and will continuously expand their activities and look forward to fans' blessings. After becoming a friend of @EXO-M, @ 3 of your friends at the same time, send your blessings to EXO-M, and we will randomly draw 6 lucky fans among them to send these photos made public as a present~ Looking forward to your blessings (messages)~! [可爱]

Source: EXO-M@Weibo
Translations: Conn@EXOeternity

[Eng Sub] 120605 EXO-M on Happy Camp preview

Source: exomglobal
The whole episode is scheduled to air on June 9th

Monday, June 4, 2012

[Video] 120605- EXO-K performs MAMA on Arirang's Simply K-Pop

Source: PikeYenny4

[Trans] 120603 - Seven笑’s Weibo Update about EXO-M

#华语巴士音乐榜# 韩国新声天团@EXO-M 结束韩国宣传,积聚攻势,重新回归!6月,@EXO-M 将以最新鲜有型的姿态,登陆CCTV移动传媒,全国移动平台播出网络,更会携全新作品,战斗每天覆盖4亿人次的#华语巴士音乐榜# !@山姆40 @巴士在线 @王献蜀 @EXO官网http://t.cn/zOuH7fR
#Chinese Music Bus Chart# New Korean group @EXO-M has ended promotions in Korea,accumulating power,once again returning to China!In June,@EXO-M will present the the freshest taste, upon CCTV’s mobile media, Their promotions will be broadcast online across the whole country, and will bring even more new works, with over 400 million viewers daily! #Chinese Music Bus Chart# !@山姆40 @巴士在线 @王献蜀 @EXO官网http://t.cn/zOuH7fR

source: seven笑’s weibo
translation cr; angi @exom-trans
take out with full credits
seven笑 is a music program director)

[Fancam] 120602 EXO-K Genie AR Event

Lee Eun Hwa, the girl who impressed EXO-K with her dance cover of 'Run and Gun' and 'History'
Source: loaloading
DO, Chanyeol, and Sehun's reaction
Source: dotrustcom

[Photo] 120604 EXO-M for Dangdai Getan (当代歌坛) Magazine

Source: dangdaigetan@weibo

[Photos] Unseen EXO-K Pre-Debut Photos (13p)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

[Trans] 120603 SNSD's Hyoyeon posts a picture with Kai

The Dancing Queen and King met! Where could this be?? ke ke
The day when we can show a cool performance together on stage will surely come??

Sone I love you so much.^^

Translated by SNSDDani
Source: Official Girls' Generation website

[Trans] 120603 EXO-M Weibo Update


Dear fans and friends, hello! We’ve finally returned to China!!! I’m really happy to be able to see you guys again~ The recent activities we had in Korea, did you guys look out for them? Keke..I didn’t think that the us who aren’t active in Korea, would also receive so much support and love from there too, it’s really such a big surprise! (I’m) really thankful to everyone~ 

Since we’re already back now, then we can meet everyone more often, I’m really excited, we’ve made you wait long, I like you guys ^^

[Video] 120603 EXO-K Traffic Safety Song @ Inkigayo

Source: thanhnamKorean
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