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Saturday, April 21, 2012

[Video] 120421 EXO-K performs MAMA on Music Core

Credit: TanVuMusicCoreHD@youtube
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[Info] EXO MAMA Cover Contest

Download the application on the official everying site!
Source: everysing

[Video] 120420 MTV The Show BTS

Credit: namja1to4

[Photos] 120421 EXO-K fan sign at COEX (26p)

Credit: as tagged; bntnews, AndOrButU, chan10, OH and J, Aquarian Angel

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Do not edit the fan taken photos.

[Info] 120421 SMTOWN's Facebook staff updates

'Thank you for the congratulations! It was such an emotional and meaningful birthday to LU HAN. Hope everyone will be happy and thanks again for your support for EXO-M. EXO-M will try their best to present the best performance! Thank you!!'

 Source: SMTOWN Facebook
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Friday, April 20, 2012

[Trans] 120420 EXO-K Staff Diary

안녕하세요 :)
STAFF DIARY를 통해 처음으로 인사 디립니다.
4월8일 SBS인기가요를 첫 시작으로 EXO-K의 공중파 무대가 모두 무사히 진행되었습니다.
처음 인사드렸던 순간부터 지금까지EXO-K는 팬 여러분의 무한한 사랑에 힘입어 매 순간마다 좋은 무대를 보여드리기 위해 열심히 활동하고 있는데요.
FROM EXO-K를 통해 전해드린 EXO-K SUHO, BAEKHYUN CHANYEOL, D.O., KAI, SEHUN 의 메세지는 다 잘 받아셨나요? ^ω^ 
[Hello :) 
This is the first time I’m greeting you on the STAFF DIARY.
EXO-K’s first stage on Inkigayo on 8th April was carried out safely. From the time they’ve first greeted you, EXO-K is indebted to all of you fans because of your boundless love for them. They are working hard in everything they do to present to you a better performance.
Have you read Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai and Sehun’s messages on “FROM EXO-K”? ^ω^]

4/12 Mnet M! Countdown
4/13 KBS Music Bank
4/14 MBC Music Core
4/17 Show! Champion
오늘은 EXO-K다 없어 허전해 하실 여러분을 위해 여러분의 가슴을 둥둥둥~~~ 뛰게 해줄 상큼한 EXO-K의 사진을 전해드립니다.
매 스케줄 마다 현장에서 힘 주시는 여러분의 함께 하시면 늘 EXO-K의 밝은 미소를 만나실 수 있으니 많은 사랑과 관심 부탁 드립니다!! ^^
마지막으로 드리는 보너스!!
난 주 막내 세훈의 깜짱 생일파티 뒷 모습을 남겨드리며 저는 이만 물러갑니다~
야심한 시각에서 벗어나.. 이른 아침…이글을 보시는 분이 계시다면 이번 주말도 EXO-K와 함께!!
[You might find something lacking today as there is no “FROM.EXO-K” updates. Everyone’s hearts beating doongdoongdoong~~~ I will do a favor for everyone by posting some refreshing photos of EXO-K.
At every schedule, EXO-K is always smiling because they are able to meet their fans and they draw great strength from being with all of you. Please give them lots of love and attention!!^^
Lastly, a bonus!! Now I shall leave with a photo from maknae Sehun’s surprise birthday party last week~
While you’re reading this message, I hope you will have a refreshing day. 
Please be with EXO-K this weekend too!!!!]


[Video] 120420 EXO-K performs MAMA on Music Bank

Source: thanhnamteukshow

[Eng Sub] 120420 EXO-M on Yin Yue Tai (Full)

Source: wenqq26@youtube/wenqq@tumblr

Monday, April 16, 2012

[Info] 120416 Lyle Beniga congratulates EXO 1P

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[Photo] 120416 Youku Winner Recieves Dolls Signed by Tao and Lu Han

One of the winners of the Youku contest recieved her prize, 2 dolls autographed by Lu Han and Tao! 

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[Photos] 120401 Tao's Solo Performance at Beijing Showcase 10P

cr: @BOSS丢
Do not edit. Take out with full credit.
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[Info] 120416 Tao Weibo Update


[Trans] 120417 EXO-K's D.O. updates official site

"Hello! This is EXO-K’s D.O. I am the fourth member to write a greeting to the fans. It’s only been one week since our first broadcast. You’ve really given us a lot of concern, and I am sincerely thankful. I was very nervous during our first stage And I made many mistakes and wasn’t able to to show a cool performance. I am sorry for that. In the future I will show you a better image. I promise. ♡ Please give EXO a lot of love. Sincerely yours, D.O. "

Translation by: hyunbaeks@tumblr.com

[Photos] Melon uploads BTS photos of M/V + Album jacket

Source: melon

[Photos] 120412 EXO-K: MAMA Performance @ Mnet Countdown

Source: Mnet 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Video] 120401 EXO Showcase: YinYueTai/Youku Broadcast



Source: youku/yinyuetai
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(These videos are from their showcase and uploaded onto Chinese streaming sites so they may load slow however if they're uploaded onto YouTube I will change the embed videos in this post!)

[Trans] 120416 EXO-K's official website update: Chanyeol

[Trans] Hello everyone! I am EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!
We’ve rounded up a week of promotions ever since our debut stage and have already gained so much attention and love, and it makes us feel especially blessed. I really don’t know what we should do to show our gratitude, thank you so much. 
During the 100 days we’ve only met fans through the teasers, but now finally we’ve finally got a chance to meet everyone in person! Not only that, we’ve got to interact with a lot of you through the fanmeet and birthday party, and I’m really glad about that!
Even as I’m writing this message, I really miss and am eager to meet all of you ㅠㅠ
Although there are aspects that we’re still not good in, we’ll continue to work hard and practise to present a better us to all of you!
I will always be a grateful, respectful and humble Chanyeol and I hope everyone would feel really blessed to see it!
Please continue supporting and giving us your love. 
I love all of you! 

Source: EXO-K website
Translations: heecups/heechvl

[Photos] Fanart of EXO members ! (17p)

EXO-M Fanart credit: minaminami 

Photo credit: @音悦大来宾
Kai/Luhan fanart credit: DoubleGi

Photo credit: SMTown@Facebook

Chanyeol/Kai fanart credit: Lomenade

[Video] 120415 EXO-K performs MAMA on SBS Inkigayo

Source: yuurikyu
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