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Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Trans] 120506 THE STAR Chanyeol Profile

“EXO-K Chanyeol, one that possesses looks like fireworks”

In the midst of the boy group renaissance era, the new weapon EXO-K has appeared like a comet. SM Entertainment’s ambition, EXO, is using a breakthrough strategy to have both EXO-K, who promotes in Korea, and EXO-M, who promotes in China, perform their debut song ‘MAMA’ in their respective stages.

Each of the members of EXO-K, who is from a planet outside of our solar system, carries a super power. The power that Chanyeol has is the power to control fire. You ask how can you believe such a comic-like story? If you are looking at Chanyeol’s face, whether he shoots fire or summons a fire phoenix, it would seem natural. With his unmatched face, Chanyeol, unlike his fair complexion, is a rapper overflowing with charisma on stage.

In a unique star story, ‘The Star’ (www.the-star.co.kr), you can see EXO-K’s HD interview on May 11th, and an interview comment event will open, with prizes including hand-autographed on-the-spot photos (6 people) and <MAMA> mini posters (6 people). The period is the coming 11th through the 17th. Winners will be revealed on the 18th.

Source: The Star
Trans by: gpark@CODE:EXO

[Trans] 120505 EXO-K “15h a day, for at most 7 years”… EXO-K, a debut full of ups and downs

SM Entertainment is the best pop music company. It must be why becoming a trainee there isn’t so easy. And after luckily becoming a trainee, it’s not the end. You can’t avoid the fierce competition between the candidates. You have to distinguish yourself, actually before debuting, a lot of tears are shed.

source: dispatch
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

[Eng] 120502 EXO-K Making Of Genie Interview

source: hpark310@youtube

[Trans] Chanyeol replies on EXO-K'S official site

[FAN] What does Baekhyun oppa like

What kind of present can I give him..!

[CHANYEOL] Hello! This is EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol !

Baekhyunnie likes me!

If you give me as a present, he’ll like it a lot keke


[FAN] Chanyeol oppa ! What are you doing right now?

What are you doing? Practicing?

If you don’t reply to me, I’ll get upset T_T

[CHANYEOL]Hello! This is EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol !

I am in the Music Core waiting room, getting ready for our performance!

Please look forward to it~~


[FAN] Chanyeol oppa, how did you take care of your teeth to have such teeth?

I am jealous of your teeth~~

[CHANYEOL] Hello! This is EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol !

If you brush your teeth three times for three minutes after eating, your teeth will sparkle!!


[FAN] Chanyeol oppa !!! There’s something I want to know

Who is… your ideal type??? ><

[CHANYEOL] Hello! This is EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol !

My ideal type is of course everyone!!!♡

-Translation creditsaphira @ exok-trans

[Video] 120505 EXO-K performs MAMA on Music Core

 source: coollhii 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

[Info] 120503 EXO-K's Kai shows professionalism on Simply K-Pop

[Trans] 120504 EXO-K ‘6 members, 6 colors’ introducing myself

A new group came out from SM Entertainment 2 years ago, but EXO-K is the first male idol group after 4 years. With them appearing, this year’s competition for the rookie singer award is getting even more fierce. They started on March 31st with their showcase, with the song ‘MAMA’ EXO-K is currently promoting, it’s the revival of SM Entertainment’s performance music (SMP) that disappeared after DBSK, this makes the fans emotional. We’re introducing to you EXO-K’s 6 members’ charms that have 6 colors different from the strong men’s image we see on stage.

# The group’s guardian, leader Suho

“My biggest charm is of course my heart that cherishes and loves the members. As the leader who guards the member, my name became Suho (T/N: Guardian in Korean) too. Since I started my training in 2006, I’ve been a trainee for the longest time.”

# Bronzed dancing machine Kai

“My speciality is dancing. Like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, popping, etc. My role in the team is…, the darkness (of his skin)? I’m the one with with the sexy bronzed skin. Isn’t that why I’m the one wearing the sleeveless outfit?(laughs)”

# Musician ‘National Good Teeth’ Chanyeol

“My charms are my low voice and my nice teeth?(laughs) People around me call me ‘National Good Teeth’. I also know how to play the guitar, drums, bass, and the djembe. My specialities are rapping and acting.”

# Eyeliner charming man Baekhyun

“My charm is my eyeline? My double eyelids aren’t really visible. You can feel the eyeliner’s breathtaking charm.(laughs) I’m a man that combines the manliness’ appeal with the hapkido and the sensitivity too with the piano.”

# 3 minutes chef D.O

“My everything is a charm. I’m always sincere. I can even cook well. There’s that cooking that ‘you can do in 3 minutes’. I’m even developping a new menu. Like putting kimchi in the pasta. There’s also the method of serving food when the members are starving.” (T/N: Meaning that everything tastes good when you’re hungry…)

# Milky skin maknae Sehun

“My biggest charm is of course the cuteness that only the maknae can have. As opposed to Kai hyung I have a milky (T/N: Pale) skin. Because I’m really white, when the two of us are standing next to each other, we get called ‘Black and White’.”

source: sports korea
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.

[Trans] 120503 EXO-K "This year's goal is getting the newcomer award”

EXO-K and EXO-M are in the 12 member male idol group that SM Entertainment, who raised Shinhwa, DBSK, Super Junior, etc, ambitiously prepared. Prior to their debut, SM had an online promotion for 100 days since the beginning of the year, so they’re receiving particular affection. The producer Lee Sooman gave them their name himself showing his support “Let’s open a new world in the K-Pop industry”.
EXO stands for EXOPLANET, a planet out of the solar system, meaning that they’re new stars coming from an unknown planet. EXO-K has 6 members, the K is Korea’s K so they’re promoting in Korea while EXO-M, which also has 6 members promotes in China as the M stands for Mandarin. Early this month they both released their first mini-album ‘MAMA’ and had a splendid debut.
EXO-K (composed of Suho[21], Chanyeol[20], Baekhyun[20], D.O[19], Kai[18], Sehun[18]) said confidently “Right now, this year’s goal is getting the newcomer award. There are a lot of outstanding rookie groups but we believe that if we work hard our wish will come true”.
When we asked them what made them different from the other groups, they revealed “First, I think that debuting at the same time in Korea and China is something new. Both teams are quite competitive but we’re also monitoring and supporting each other a lot. We’d like to think that our biggest good point is our strong performance”.
Suho, the oldest of the team, said “I think that compared to other idol groups, our performance that has dance, expression acting and vocals is strong. We will work even harder to not damage the reputation of seniors such as Shinhwa and DBSK”.
D.O, who’s leading the main vocals with Baekhyun and Suho, said with a smile “The fact that our title song ‘MAMA’ was made by Yoo Youngjin senior makes EXO-K’s performances even greater. While practicing during the two last months, we didn’t get tired of it at all”.

EXO-K’s debut process was also long and difficult. Most of the members were selected by the staff of SM’s rookie development office between 6th grade of elementary school and middle school, or they’ve been casted through an audition. Chanyeol and Sehun joined SM in 2008 by street casting, Kai is from the 2007 SM Youth Best Contest. Suho who was cast in 2006 is currently a sophomore majoring in acting at Korea National University of Arts, his dream is to be aknowledged as a singer but also as an all-rounded entertainer that can act, MC, etc.
After becoming a SM trainee, they have to go through harsh training. During their training period, they had to go to school during week days and then they went to take courses for subjects such as dancing, vocals, acting, language, character, etc., until 9~10PM. They could only rest a day, on Saturday or Sunday. During school vacations, they had an even tighter schedule of intensive training. They got selected to be EXO-K’s members among a great number of trainees and were informed about their debut project a year ago. They started to live together in dorms starting from then.
“Not being able to go home and missing our parents was the most difficult thing about living at the dorm. Aside from that there was no dissatisfying point at all. We could only be happy about practicing a dance performance and vocals we liked, while waiting for the day we’ll debut. Of course we’d feel an electrifying joy when we slowly became synchronized.”
Kai got his dream of being a singer when he saw the group Shinhwa in 6th grade of elementary school, Shinhwa was coming back just in time for EXO-K’s debut on the cable channel Mnet ‘M!Countdown’, he expressed about the moment he got to stand on the same stage as them “I was incredibly moved!”.
The members don’t have personal cellphones. It’s because of the company’s guidelines to focus on the dance and singing practices.
EXO-K said “It’s not uncomfortable at all. It’s a good thing since we throw away all distractions to focus only on the trainings and the promotions. We will show you an even greater image. The newcomer award is a one in a lifetime chance for a singer, so of course we have to get it” and shouted a powerful fighting. “We are one! For the newcomer award~.”
source: sportsseoul
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.

[Photos] 120503 SMTOWN updates EXO-K AR Show Making (13p)

 Source: SMTOWN facebook


[Video] 120503 EXO-K performs MAMA on M! Countdown

source: mcountdown

cr. bluebirdsfly9
1080p mediafire download: http://www.mediafire.com/?qzjg8crpa1df82d 

[Video] 120503 EXO-K cut from TaeTiSeo 'Twinkle' BTS

cr. A880203

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[Trans] 120503 Tao Birthday Update

cr: EXO-M
translated by princess♔peach @ exoeternity
Please take out with full credits!
Sorry if translations are not 100% accurate. Chinese is my third language and some phrases are difficult to translate into English. 

[Photos] 120502 EXO-K for Newsbankimage (17

 Source: newsbank image

[Trans] 120502 - EXO-K, the 6 boys coming from an unknown planet “We really have superpowers"

Firstly, when we met EXO-K for this interview, their looks were already great. Among the idols who debuted recently, EXO-K can definitely be proud of their outstanding visual, with the 6 people with various charms such as manliness and cuteness united in a team, there’s no doubt that they will rise up as idol stars in no time.

EXOPLANET is a planet out of our solar system, when asked to EXO-K about their name, they replied “I personally liked it. Because the group’s name was pretty, I was happy“(Chanyeol), “The logo was pretty too“(Sehun), as a group who had just debuted they were full of pride and excitation about their name.

EXO’s music video also attracted a lot of attention. In the music video, each of the 12 members have superpowers such as teleportation, fire, water, earth, light, etc. On a music program, they stated with calm faces “We’re coming from an unknown planet called EXOPLANET. All of our members have a superpower”, during that day’s interview too, they surprisingly said “It’s hard to say but we really have superpowers”, “We really came from an unknown planet” (Chanyeol) which made us smile thinking ‘how cute’.

The team has been under the name EXO, for around one year, from their training to their debut. Chanyeol perfectly replied “Training wasn’t really that hard. It was something we were doing because we liked it, and we were practicing for our dream to become a singer so we were always coming to practice happily”.

Their debut song ‘MAMA’ is in a genre that is authentically from SM, the SMP (SM Music Performance). “Because we have to show a good image for the performance but on the singing side too, we have to show the best performance so it was hard, but we practiced as much as it was difficult. When we first got the song, I really liked it. It was a style that SM didn’t show for a while. So I really liked the thought that it could be even more refreshing” (Chanyeol)
On April 8th, EXO-K had their debut stage on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ while EXO-M had it on the famous Chinese award ceremony ‘Music Feng Yun Bang’. When we asked them if they went only to see the reactions after their debut, they carefully replied “People around me told me a lot about it“(Kai), “I think people give us a lot of love and they treat us nicely“(Sehun) and smiled embarrassedly.
The reactions right after EXO-K’s debut stage were simply explosive. After only one performance, the number of fans grew exponentionally (D.O’s famous ‘grand orchestra’ didn’t help that at all) – the interest for the members as well as the number of fans posting pictures of them also greatly increased.
But after monitoring their debut stage, their first live performance, EXO-K said they were quite disappointed. As soon as the live subject came on, they each said a word “We blamed ourselves a lot thinking ‘are our skills only up to that?’. Of course there was the pressure of the first live and we never experienced it before but.. since we did a bit better the next day, we’re adjusting little by little“(Chanyeol), “It was the first time I felt out the sound was coming out from an in-ear too“(D.O), “We will show you after practicing more“(Kai) showing their disappointment.
D.O added proudly “We also made a lot of mistakes but I think that after doing it a few weeks, I’ll adapt to looking at the camera and will be able to show you a cool image” and while promising to work even harder “Even though we still have a long way to go”.

EXO-K who are actually living in a dorm together said there were having a ‘family meeting’ every Saturday. Every week, the 6 people take turns for the room cleaning or for the dish-washing during the family meeting, they also praise each other on their good points and resolve problems.
They’re showing a strong family mood and their chant is also ‘Let’s love’. EXO-K explained “Before going up on stage, during our family meetings, or when we’re nervous we shout our chant“(D.O) and “It means let’s love each other and let’s become a group that can love all of our fans and the staff who are working hard for us, it means let’s love everything“(Chanyeol). They said it was Suho who decided of this chant.

As their latest idol group, the Korean agency SM has a quite clever strategy. When they showed interest only for EXO-K, the Korean group during their debut, they also gave attention to EXO-M in China, like for their debut showcase where they all showed up. When we asked them if we’ll be able to see again the 12 members together, EXO-K said “Won’t we be promoting together later?”, they revealed that they were still focusing on promoting in Korea and China.
When we asked them what was their goal for next year, they replied it was the newcomer award as a rookie group. EXO-K said looking a bit unsure “Since there are a lot of great seniors, I think we will have to put a lot of effort”. Then we asked again “But EXO-K will still be able to receive it right?”, EXO-K reacted with grateful faces, they said confidently they were going to be able to show their superpowers; they’re filled with the freshness of the rookies who just debuted.

cr: source newsen;
trans by emilie @ exok-trans

please take out with full credits.

[Trans] 120502 EXO-K's 10asia interview

My name is Suho. My real name is Kim Junmyeon.

I was born on May 22nd, 1991, and I have a brother four years older than me.

The biggest form of rebellion I’ve ever committed thus far is when I fought with my brother in junior high. I got permission from my parents to spend the night at a sauna. I know that we fought over something really small, but I don’t remember it anymore. (Sehun: That’s so rebellious. / Kai: How could you sleep on your own?)

My skin is on the white side. Because of that, my eyebrows look a lot stronger and my double eyelids make me look young for my age. (Baekhyun: How can your eyebrows look strong?) If Kai’s double eyelids are considered charismatic, mine look as if they could embrace anything.

The supernatural ability that I’m most envious of is Kai’s teleportation skills, Lu Han’s psychokinesis, and Tao’s time control. I can control water, which I also think is quite cool.

As the leader, I keep my dongsengs in check by buying them a lot of delicious food. They come together quite nicely when I buy them chicken or Outback. Every Saturday, I make the group have a family meeting and tell them to say nice things about each other. We also talk about things we were upset about and try to work them out. In the end, we finish it off by shouting, “Let’s love!”

TVXQ’s Yunho hyung gives me a lot of advice. He told me not to reprimand the members for little things and to console them when they make mistakes by helping them summon the bravery to do better. In contrast, he told me to be firm and reprimand them harshly when they make mistakes regarding respect or manners. Super Junior’s Leeteuk hyung advised us to always stay together.

I studied really hard during my days as a student. I was the class president in elementary school and vice-chairman of the student body. I was also vice-chairman in junior high school but I stopped after I got cast in the company because it felt too pressuring. I didn’t rely on earning votes through my looks or anything. I think they voted for me because I was a model student, haha.

If we were to star in a real variety show, I think I’d do the best because the other members are really shy, hahaha. I’m the caring type so I’d just embrace everyone.

Source: 10asia
Translation credit: vitalsign @ exok-trans

My name is D.O. My real name is Do Kyungsoo.

I was born on January 12th, 1993, and I have a brother older than me by three years.

A unique characteristic of mine is that the whites of my eyes are bigger than my pupils. Because of that, my fans nicknamed me, ‘Rich in Eye Whites’. Anyway, if it’s hard for you to distinguish us, just know that the member with a lot of eye whites is D.O.

Despite that Yunho hyung had just finished his Tokyo Dome concert, he called us after our first broadcast on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’. He monitored each one of us and we listened to his advice with the cell phone on speaker mode. For now, we need advice on our stage performance rather than for variety programs.

I was a quiet student in school. I didn’t want people to know that I was training at SM so I didn’t tell anybody. I just spent my high school years quietly and then graduated.

My voice imitation of senior Oh Kwang Rok on MBC Music’s ‘Show Champion’ was not something that I had practiced. I always joked around by copying him and it just naturally became my personal talent. The member that actually has a lot of hidden talents is Baekhyun.

I honestly have no idea what I meant by the ‘What Play’ that’s written on my elementary school graduation picture. It must’ve been a popular phrase back then, but… Why would I have written that as my special talent?

Since elementary school, I’ve always loved singing or listening to music. I always participated in singing competitions in high school. I was cast by SM while on my way out from winning an award at a competition. I didn’t know what type of company SM was at the time so I had a hard time believing them. I remember thinking, “Is this real? What is this?”

When I made a comment mistake on our debut stage, I wasn’t thinking anything in particular. If I said that I did well during the rehearsal… would you believe me? I kept thinking that it was a live broadcast and repeated to myself, “Majestic, majestic, majestic…” I wasn’t able to look at the camera so when it came to my turn, all of the words in my head just disappeared. (Sehun: They were deleted.) I could only remember the first letter of the word so I instead said, ‘grand orchestra’. I was so out of it then that I didn’t even know I had used that word. I never want to see that broadcast again (sigh).

Source: 10asia
Translation credit: vitalsign @ exok-trans

[Trans] 120502 Isak tweets a photo with EXO-K

"With my cute juniors EXO-K~ with the talented EXO-K~dont forget to check out their interview on friday! where~? @KPOPPIN1 ~!!!!"

source : ISAK’s Twitter

translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

[Video] 120502 EXO-K AR Show w/ Genie


Making film pt 1:

Making film pt 2:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Source: SMTOWN@youtube

[Video] 120502 EXO-M MAMA Album Promotional Clip

shared by: EXOeternity

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[Trans] 2012/05 EXO in Easy TV Magazine (Issue #632)

scans cr. MR:107
translations cr. heecups@tumblr/heechvl@twitter

The all rounder Lay: If you’re thinking that dancing is his only forte, you’re wrong. Lay can play both the guitar and piano as well. This time as EXO-M takes their promotions to China in full swing, Lay has also shown everyone a different side of him. However he still remains as the member who loves eating tidbits the most, and he’s also the one who wears everyone’s socks at random.

Leader Kris: Being the leader, Kris has always been the best brother in everyone’s hearts. He is focused when it comes to greeting, dissipating information, taking care of his injured brothers and coming to the rescue of his members when they are lost for words in interviews. No wonder he is the leader. Also when it comes to rapping, he never fails to charm people even more.

Pretty boy Luhan: Just like Kai, the first time Luhan was introduced, he gave off the pretty boy feel and besides that, he had perfect features. His vocal abilities and dance are all beautiful. Because he was spotted while studying in Korea, his korean was already really good during training days, which also explains his self-volunteered role as the translator for the other two korean members.

Cutest Big Brother Xiumin: Xiumin is the oldest in the whole of EXO but he has a really young look. Members exposed secrets about him being the most hilarious member who likes to sway his head a lot. He also does really funny actions to tease other members and has such a cheerful nickname titled “little bun”. No one would have expected him to be the one who does all the screaming in music, and he constantly has the sentence “I will master Chinese language well” with him. He will definitely be successful in China.

Member with the highest tune, Chen: Being the main vocal of EXO-M, Chen has got the vocal abilities members are envious of. He is in charge of high notes and has a voice that leaves a deep impression on many. Due to the fact that Chinese isn’t his mother tongue, most of the time he is just listening silently at the sides. The one thing never changes about Chen is his really sweet and genuine smile. We are looking forward to seeing more of Chen’s vocal abilities in the China market in the future.

Realistic Tao: People who practise martial arts should be really fierce and strong but we do not see much of this on Tao. This does not mean that he isn’t mature and serious enough, but being the 93 liner who is most protected by the older brothers, it might be too early for him to mature. He has the personality of one who speaks exactly what he thinks. The first time he was asked about his ideal type, he avoided the question but the second time he was prompted, he answered that he knew he would be asked again so he went home to think about his ideal type. And the answer made everyone laugh till there were tears.

[Photos] 120502 EXO-K's 10asia Photoshoot (29p)

source: 10asia.co.kr
shared by: EXOeternity

[Trans] 120502 Tao Updates his Weibo

[Trans] 120501 Kris updates his RenRen

translation cr; Baidu Wufan Bar
Kris’ Renren

[Video] 120501 EXO-K backstage @ MBC Show! Champion

cr. kpopidolexo1

Monday, April 30, 2012

[Trans] 120428 EXO’s ‘MAMA’, mother version of the dance becomes a hot topic

video cr. fredoommk1
The mother version of the rookie group EXO’s title song ‘MAMA”s dance garners attention.

Lately a post with the title ‘It’s here. The mother’s choreography of EXO- Mama’ and a video were posted on an online community board.

In the video, similarly to EXO’s stage outfits, about ten women are wearing black jackets with military pants, they’re dancing fiercely to the song.

After the dance teacher and the mothers, the students, checked it, the video has been uploaded on the video site Youtube too and it has been gaining popularity.

The netizens who saw the video left reactions such as “EXO’s popularity is amazing”, “These mothers are dancing really well”, “It’s really fierce”, “So cool”, “I want to learn EXO’s dance too”.

    source: style m
    translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
    please take out with full credits.

[Photos] 120430 EXO-K's official weibo updates

[Trans] 120430 EXO-K “I look like Song Joongki, so I got called ‘the mediocre Song Joongki’”

HOT·Shinhwa·DBSK·Super Junior·SHINee….

For the boygroups that SM Entertainment produced, there’s no such word as ‘fail’. They choose a gemstone out of thousands of trainees and polish it for years to make it become a star. The idol groups prepared like this by SM, which is a big company with planned foundations, become the best stars after only a year.

SM Entertainment’s rookie group EXO-K (Suho·D.O·Kai·Chanyeol·Sehun·Baekhyun) did their debut with their first mini-album ‘MAMA’. Not losing to their seniors, they went up to 1st place on music charts. They’re also catching the attention with their different strategy of aiming at the Chinese market too. The 12 members divided into EXO-K and EXO-M, 6 members in each. They are promoting in the two countries at the same time, with the same song and choreography as twin groups. EXO stands for EXOPLANET, a planet out of the solar system, meaning that they’re new stars coming from an unknown planet. EXO-K showed their strong determination saying “We’re worrying thinking about the possibility of us ruining the SM successful legend that our 10-year seniors polished” and “If we had to define our team in one word, it would be ‘Unique’. We will succeed with an image and strategy different from our seniors’”

    source: joins msn
    translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
    please take out with full credits.

[M/V] 120430 EXO-K members cameo in TaeTiSeo (SNSD)- Twinkle

Chanyeol: @0:19, @0:40, @3:48, @4:11 
Baekhyun: @1:52 
Kai/Sehun: @2:02 

[Video] 120429 EXO-M @ Mengniu Music Chart Awards

cr.  boonyi91

Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Fancams] 120428 EXO-K @ Incheon Fansign

cr. blackrouge
cr. morethanwords0114
cr. do trust

[Trans] 120429 Tao Updates EXO-M's Website

cr: EXO-M
translated by princess♔peach @ exoeternity
Please take out with full credits!

Sorry if translations are not 100% accurate, Chinese is my third language and some phrases were difficult to translate directly into English

[Video] 120429 EXO-K Performs on Inkigayo

cr. namja1to4
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