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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Photos] 120509 EXO-M at Fansigning 88P (download)

Do not crop/resize/edit fan taken photos!
Credit: as tagged: Let's EXO (exochina.com), TaeMinnie (tae-min-nie.taobao.com), KrisCharming, Aquarian Angel (suho.tistory.com), Oh and J (blog.naver.com/oh_and_j), blackrouge (black-rouge.tistory.com), Han-I (090420.com), December Follow (weibo.com/december0410), Sasum+me (ruhanexo.blog.me), Super-shine.net, zxL (weibo.com/zxyll1209), HanaKim, Dear My Deer (dearmydeer.dothome.co.kr), KRIShow (19901106.net), Ceyenne (weibo.com/yjceyenne)
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