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[Trans] 7 Year Lay Fan Shares Fanaccount

From 2005 to 2012, I suddenly realize that I’ve been supporting Zhang Yixing(Lay) for nearly 7 years. I’ve been thinking about writing something down about Lay, but as my writing is not satisfying, I didn’t start it untill now. 

It was 2005 that I started to pay close attention to him. I was interested in the Star Academic(a variety show held by Hunan eTV ) at that time. At first, I didn’t even consider about supporting anyone, but later on Lay attracted all my attention. I started to look forward to every single contest that Lay would show up, and I really expected that he would get more one-shots. He Quan, Love You , Xi Shua Shua……I felt so grateful everytime when he sang. Although he ended up being in the third place, it was fantastic for him as he was only a 14-year-old kid, 

Source: оО糖糖﹎ @BAIDU LAY BAR ( 
English Translator: cutepeachfrEXO @EXO-E.T.TEAM 
Taken from: EXO

After the contest, Yixing went back to school and rarely appeared in our sight. It was the time that I joined his Baidu Zhang Yixing Bar. As time went by, more and more people left and it was only 4 or 5 people left. Instead of leaving ,we decided to stay and support. At the year 2008, a friend of mine once told me that he heard in a café that Yixing went to SM Entertainment. I did not know how to explain my feeling at that time. As long as he thought that it was the right choice, it seemed like I feel nothing. Since then, I began to pay close attention to SM Entertainment. 

I had seen him several times after that. I still remember that one day it was hot at first and then it became windy afterwards. AA (one of my friend) and I were a little bit nervous at the beginning, but Lay seemed very amiable as there was always warm smile on his face. We hanged out together as friends for a long time, and he even played guitar, sang songs and danced for us. As AA was not from Changsha (Lay’s hometown), I planned to show her around. The wind was blowing heavily when we went out, and Lay said: “it’s pretty windy today. Since you are in T-shirt, let’s stay in the café and chat for a little bit more instead. I’ll show you guys around next time.” I finally figured out that Lay was very considerate. 

Soon after that we met several times. Once I went to the airport to see him off gave me a deep impression. That day he asked me a question which I do not even know the answer now. When I was sitting in the waiting area with him, waiting for check-in, lay gave me many snacks that he was about to bring to Korea, and he kept asking me if I am thirsty. He said: “AA, you’ve supported me for a very long time, right? 1,2,3,4, it is 4 years already (actually it was 5 years at that time). Thank you for supporting me that long. As you see, I didn’t really do anything during these years. Why would you support me this long?” I did not even think of that he would ask me such a question, and I was in shock for a while. I could not think of a reasonable answer. Why would I support him for this long? I did not even think about this before, but I just made it. Maybe it’s his outgoing personality; maybe it’s his gentleness; or maybe it is everything he has. Right now when I recall the memory that day, it seems a little bit stupid to answer “I don’t know”. Although I may not have a accurate answer to that question, I would like to say: because you deserve to be supported.
In order to debut sooner, Yixing became busier and busier. His practicing time became longer and longer. He often went back very late to dorm, and he became thinner and thinner. Every time we asked about his life, he just said that I am fine, no worries. Every time we told him to take care, he just said that he needed to pay more efforts. As the other members were so talented, he needed to practice more to get a debut chance. Every time when he said like this, it was hard for us to blame him. 

At the end of 2010, finally good news came out. Yixing would take place of the wounded Shinee member Kim Jonghyun to dance for Shinee’s concert.We began to search for the video on the Internet when we got the news, hoping to see him on stage. Even there were a little Yixing’s scenes, I was very satisfied. 
Yixing became better-known after this concert. Many new members joined the bar after they saw his performance. It was delightful to see more and more people supporting Yixing. Didn’t it mean that Yixing became closer and closer to his dream because of his persistence and great efforts? 

As the fan clun became more official, we began to set up working team although there were not a lot people. As the age 20 may be one of 
the significant periods of time in life, we decided to prepare something for Yixing’s birthday. But we got puzzled about what to give as a present. But as he had not debuted yet, we cannot collect money from fans. Therefore, all the members in working team decided to raise money. But as we were minority and we cannot afford expensive gifts, the present we ended up giving to him was not really fancy. But Yising kept say thank you in case he did not thank us enough. He said: “TT, don’t be this nice to me right now, because I don’t know how to pay you guys back. I haven’t really debuted yet. If once I debut, it can show that I really did put many efforts, but right now I am nothing.” But seriously, Yising, no matter you debut or not. Your great efforts are for all to see. 

As there were rumors about the debut of a new SM boy group which was confirmed at the end of 2011, all of us were anxious about whether Yising would be in the team. Fortunately, SM gave us a wonderful gift~! Yixing’s teaser had been released. We were so excited. But soon after that, we felt like actually he deserved it. all of his efforts got paid back.

It has been 7 years that we are looking forward to his debut. Although there might be difficulties in the future, but I believe that more and more people are going to be here with Yising, striving and moving forwardly. 


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