Friday, May 11, 2012

[Info] 120511 Kai, Sehun & Baekhyun for June Vogue Girl/GQ Magazine

Having fired up their debut stages with their title track, “MAM
A“, the members of EXO-K are ready to tone it down a notch in a casual new pictorial for ‘GQ‘ and ‘Vogue Girl‘ magazine!
Members KaiSehun, and Baekhyun were recently chosen to channel their youthful energy into vintage casual styles for the pictorial. Despite being in the midst of a busy debut schedule, the members were glad to be able to get away from the bustling city and pose against the serene backdrop of the countryside. More than anything, fans will surely be happy to see a bit of skin from the boys, as they daringly go topless for some of the shots.
All photoshoot long, staff were delighted to see the boys friendly interacting with each other and the staff, leading the cheerful atmosphere with their own charms.Further photos can be found through the June edition of ‘GQ’ and ‘Vogue Girl’ magazines.

Source: TVDaily / AllKpop

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein Jeans


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