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[Trans] 120502 - EXO-K, the 6 boys coming from an unknown planet “We really have superpowers"

Firstly, when we met EXO-K for this interview, their looks were already great. Among the idols who debuted recently, EXO-K can definitely be proud of their outstanding visual, with the 6 people with various charms such as manliness and cuteness united in a team, there’s no doubt that they will rise up as idol stars in no time.

EXOPLANET is a planet out of our solar system, when asked to EXO-K about their name, they replied “I personally liked it. Because the group’s name was pretty, I was happy“(Chanyeol), “The logo was pretty too“(Sehun), as a group who had just debuted they were full of pride and excitation about their name.

EXO’s music video also attracted a lot of attention. In the music video, each of the 12 members have superpowers such as teleportation, fire, water, earth, light, etc. On a music program, they stated with calm faces “We’re coming from an unknown planet called EXOPLANET. All of our members have a superpower”, during that day’s interview too, they surprisingly said “It’s hard to say but we really have superpowers”, “We really came from an unknown planet” (Chanyeol) which made us smile thinking ‘how cute’.

The team has been under the name EXO, for around one year, from their training to their debut. Chanyeol perfectly replied “Training wasn’t really that hard. It was something we were doing because we liked it, and we were practicing for our dream to become a singer so we were always coming to practice happily”.

Their debut song ‘MAMA’ is in a genre that is authentically from SM, the SMP (SM Music Performance). “Because we have to show a good image for the performance but on the singing side too, we have to show the best performance so it was hard, but we practiced as much as it was difficult. When we first got the song, I really liked it. It was a style that SM didn’t show for a while. So I really liked the thought that it could be even more refreshing” (Chanyeol)
On April 8th, EXO-K had their debut stage on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ while EXO-M had it on the famous Chinese award ceremony ‘Music Feng Yun Bang’. When we asked them if they went only to see the reactions after their debut, they carefully replied “People around me told me a lot about it“(Kai), “I think people give us a lot of love and they treat us nicely“(Sehun) and smiled embarrassedly.
The reactions right after EXO-K’s debut stage were simply explosive. After only one performance, the number of fans grew exponentionally (D.O’s famous ‘grand orchestra’ didn’t help that at all) – the interest for the members as well as the number of fans posting pictures of them also greatly increased.
But after monitoring their debut stage, their first live performance, EXO-K said they were quite disappointed. As soon as the live subject came on, they each said a word “We blamed ourselves a lot thinking ‘are our skills only up to that?’. Of course there was the pressure of the first live and we never experienced it before but.. since we did a bit better the next day, we’re adjusting little by little“(Chanyeol), “It was the first time I felt out the sound was coming out from an in-ear too“(D.O), “We will show you after practicing more“(Kai) showing their disappointment.
D.O added proudly “We also made a lot of mistakes but I think that after doing it a few weeks, I’ll adapt to looking at the camera and will be able to show you a cool image” and while promising to work even harder “Even though we still have a long way to go”.

EXO-K who are actually living in a dorm together said there were having a ‘family meeting’ every Saturday. Every week, the 6 people take turns for the room cleaning or for the dish-washing during the family meeting, they also praise each other on their good points and resolve problems.
They’re showing a strong family mood and their chant is also ‘Let’s love’. EXO-K explained “Before going up on stage, during our family meetings, or when we’re nervous we shout our chant“(D.O) and “It means let’s love each other and let’s become a group that can love all of our fans and the staff who are working hard for us, it means let’s love everything“(Chanyeol). They said it was Suho who decided of this chant.

As their latest idol group, the Korean agency SM has a quite clever strategy. When they showed interest only for EXO-K, the Korean group during their debut, they also gave attention to EXO-M in China, like for their debut showcase where they all showed up. When we asked them if we’ll be able to see again the 12 members together, EXO-K said “Won’t we be promoting together later?”, they revealed that they were still focusing on promoting in Korea and China.
When we asked them what was their goal for next year, they replied it was the newcomer award as a rookie group. EXO-K said looking a bit unsure “Since there are a lot of great seniors, I think we will have to put a lot of effort”. Then we asked again “But EXO-K will still be able to receive it right?”, EXO-K reacted with grateful faces, they said confidently they were going to be able to show their superpowers; they’re filled with the freshness of the rookies who just debuted.

cr: source newsen;
trans by emilie @ exok-trans

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