Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Trans] 120506 THE STAR Chanyeol Profile

“EXO-K Chanyeol, one that possesses looks like fireworks”

In the midst of the boy group renaissance era, the new weapon EXO-K has appeared like a comet. SM Entertainment’s ambition, EXO, is using a breakthrough strategy to have both EXO-K, who promotes in Korea, and EXO-M, who promotes in China, perform their debut song ‘MAMA’ in their respective stages.

Each of the members of EXO-K, who is from a planet outside of our solar system, carries a super power. The power that Chanyeol has is the power to control fire. You ask how can you believe such a comic-like story? If you are looking at Chanyeol’s face, whether he shoots fire or summons a fire phoenix, it would seem natural. With his unmatched face, Chanyeol, unlike his fair complexion, is a rapper overflowing with charisma on stage.

In a unique star story, ‘The Star’ (, you can see EXO-K’s HD interview on May 11th, and an interview comment event will open, with prizes including hand-autographed on-the-spot photos (6 people) and <MAMA> mini posters (6 people). The period is the coming 11th through the 17th. Winners will be revealed on the 18th.

Source: The Star
Trans by: gpark@CODE:EXO


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