Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Trans] 120508 EXO-K's TVDaily Interview (Pt. 1)

EXO-K from SM who have produced a lot of idol stars are now taking powerful steps on the polished path their seniors have established. They’re also dreaming of reaching places that their seniors couldn’t pioneer to.
SM set a new record once again by making one group debut in Korea and China at the same time. They’re the first SM rookies after 4 years, attracting the attention of K-POP fans from all over the world through a 100 days online promotion before their debut. On April 8th 2012, EXO-K had their debut with ‘MAMA’ between eyes full of expectations and strict eyes ready to evaluate them.
But they met those expectations and got the top marks from those evaluations. ‘MAMA’ is a song that revives the SMP (SM Music Performance), the imposing orchestra sound is totally different from the standard pop. When watching the performance they show us on stage, it feels like we’re seeing a gemstone that’s going to surpass a lot of their seniors to become ‘another legend’.
Upon hearing the reporters say ‘You look even better in real life’ they didn’t know what to do with themselves and kept saying thank you, it’s been a month since they had their debut, which allowed them be known to the whole world, and it seems like they had a lot to say about it.
source: tvdaily
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
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“We did a 100 days promotion before debuting, right? It’s not a short period and we’re rookies so we thought that the expectations of the fans and the public watching us were going to raise, we practiced even more.”(Chanyeol)
‘Practice’. While talking with them it’s the word that appeared the most often. They’re just 20 years old but it seems that they have dedicated a part of their life to ‘practicing’. “The average practice time is 3, 4 years. I practiced for 7 years. I started in 3rd year of middle school. I was coming at around 5PM after finishing school, I had my dance classes, singing classes and Chinese lessons, my 2nd foreign language, and then I was coming back home late at night.”(Suho)
He ran during these 7 years for his dream to become a singer. He practiced singing and dancing after school and came back home in the cold night air during 7 years. Moreover, the friends he was practicing with debuted one after another.
“Because I was still young I was also envious. But each person has their own time and my chance was eventually going to come so I persevered. I was practicing to do the music I liked so I could do my best.”(Suho)
After their long training, they were able to stand under the spotlight, it might be unusual but they were only met with disappointment. “Since it was our first broadcast we weren’t used to things such as finding the camera. We were very nervous and stressed, it was disappointing because we couldn’t show our skills properly. So we worked extremely hard for the next performance.”(Chanyeol)

For their first debut live broadcast, the member D.O who made a mistake and said ‘superior orchestra’ instead of ‘imposing orchestra’ because he was anxious, said about their debut stage “During the rehearsal I think I did good. But since it was a live broadcast and when I had to actually go on stage, my head just went blank, I couldn’t remember anything. Ah it’s really too bad”(D.O) he couldn’t hide his embarrassment.
It’s only been a month since they had their debut but they went from trainees to celebrities. “Anyway, because we had our debut and more people can see us on television, we’re very careful about what we do. I’m also happy because I can communicate with the fans and hear their cheerings” as soon as Baekhyun said this D.O added “Being able to stand on the stage we dreamt of! I think that’s the best.”
EXO comes from the word EXOPLANET which is a planet out of the solar system, it means that they’re ‘new stars coming from an unknown planet’. Each of them received characters such as water, fire, teleportation, etc. They’re really unique.
“I’ve always believed I had superpowers. I was confident I could pull off this concept well. (laughs)”(Kai), “It was the same feeling as when we received the song ‘MAMA’. It was really fresh and original.”(D.O)
They continued talking about their concept, the 6 boys with ‘superpowers’ got excited when they had to talk about what they felt on the music video’s filming set. “During the filming of the music video there were CG effects (T/N: Computer Graphics) but I had to do it as if I had fire in my hand. I thought I really had superpowers so I think my acting was quite natural.”
Chanyeol said while opening wide his two eyes “When I watched the music video I was really surprised. I think it came out really nicely. When Kai was teleporting I got goose bumps”, the other members also said a word each such as “Exactly”“I was also amazed”.
When asked about their twin group EXO-M who is promoting in China, the members smiled. “We tried to improve our Chinese skills by talking with the Chinese members but the M members are really good at Korean. When we ask them something in Chinese they reply in Korean. (laughs)”(Chanyeol) “I think we will be able to perform together at concerts, award ceremonies or big performances.”(Suho)
For rookies, the year-end’s award ceremonies are especially meaningful. They unanimously said that this year’s goal was getting the rookie award. “We think that if we work hard and do our best to show the public a better performance, if we show that we put in effort, the award should come.”(Suho)
“We will work hard!” The six boys said in one voice at the top of their voices.


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