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[Trans] 2012/05 EXO in Easy TV Magazine (Issue #632)

scans cr. MR:107
translations cr. heecups@tumblr/heechvl@twitter

The all rounder Lay: If you’re thinking that dancing is his only forte, you’re wrong. Lay can play both the guitar and piano as well. This time as EXO-M takes their promotions to China in full swing, Lay has also shown everyone a different side of him. However he still remains as the member who loves eating tidbits the most, and he’s also the one who wears everyone’s socks at random.

Leader Kris: Being the leader, Kris has always been the best brother in everyone’s hearts. He is focused when it comes to greeting, dissipating information, taking care of his injured brothers and coming to the rescue of his members when they are lost for words in interviews. No wonder he is the leader. Also when it comes to rapping, he never fails to charm people even more.

Pretty boy Luhan: Just like Kai, the first time Luhan was introduced, he gave off the pretty boy feel and besides that, he had perfect features. His vocal abilities and dance are all beautiful. Because he was spotted while studying in Korea, his korean was already really good during training days, which also explains his self-volunteered role as the translator for the other two korean members.

Cutest Big Brother Xiumin: Xiumin is the oldest in the whole of EXO but he has a really young look. Members exposed secrets about him being the most hilarious member who likes to sway his head a lot. He also does really funny actions to tease other members and has such a cheerful nickname titled “little bun”. No one would have expected him to be the one who does all the screaming in music, and he constantly has the sentence “I will master Chinese language well” with him. He will definitely be successful in China.

Member with the highest tune, Chen: Being the main vocal of EXO-M, Chen has got the vocal abilities members are envious of. He is in charge of high notes and has a voice that leaves a deep impression on many. Due to the fact that Chinese isn’t his mother tongue, most of the time he is just listening silently at the sides. The one thing never changes about Chen is his really sweet and genuine smile. We are looking forward to seeing more of Chen’s vocal abilities in the China market in the future.

Realistic Tao: People who practise martial arts should be really fierce and strong but we do not see much of this on Tao. This does not mean that he isn’t mature and serious enough, but being the 93 liner who is most protected by the older brothers, it might be too early for him to mature. He has the personality of one who speaks exactly what he thinks. The first time he was asked about his ideal type, he avoided the question but the second time he was prompted, he answered that he knew he would be asked again so he went home to think about his ideal type. And the answer made everyone laugh till there were tears.

Shy Leader Suho: Being the leader of EXO-K, he has gained recognition from many seniors even during his training period. Initially he was thought to be really serious, someone who carried the leader’s aura really well, but the truth will always be the opposite. Suho always seems really nervous when he speaks and his shy smile never fails to make people love him.

Warm Maknae Sehun: The maknae who is always standing silently in a corner only lowered his head and smiled when Luhan mentioned him as the one who makes people want to care for. Underneath all this is hidden a really warm boy. From his gesture of throwing slips of paper with “I love you written on it”, we can all tell his intention of giving fans some of his warmth and comfort.

Happy Virus Chanyeol: Because of his outstanding looks, Chanyeol has been gaining the compliments of many, from the weird matching of his face to his voice, to the flashing of his teeth which leaves many people speechless. This boy who always flashes his teeth with his big eyes in addition to that exploding hairstyle of his is always cheerful. Also whenever he isn’t performing, his facial expressions would never change which is a totally different side of when it comes to the serious expression during a performance.

Obedient boy Baekhyun: Ever since debut, Baekhyun has been delivering then obedient boy image, he also has this other side to him. Not only does he expose secrets like taking a shower with another member which leads fans to their endless screaming and their haywire thinking, he also confessed that he practises expressions in front of the mirror in preparation for commercial filming. There has also been talks about his predebut self being comical in videos.

Aegyo boy Kai: Dancing machine Kai who showed off his powerful dancing skills and aura is a totally different person when he isn’t performing. Not only does he often smile so brightly that his eyes almost form a line, his aegyo is always out to kill fans. When he doesn’t understand something and starts enquiing he would flash such an innocent expression and when daydreaming, his fingers would naturally find their way to his lips, his aaegyo level is so high it probably can’t even be counted.

Clean and Neat Main Vocal D.O.: Upon debut it also means that group promotions have started, of course, cleanliness in the dorm is something everyone is concerned about. “The member in our group who is the neatest i D.O., if you step into his room and open his drawers, I can confirm with you that his clothes would be placed neatly and he even organises his clothes according to color. But I’m not saying that the other members are not neat!”, says Sehun.

Translations cr. heecups@tumblr/heechvl@twitter


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