Friday, June 1, 2012

[Trans] 120601 Kai Updates EXO-K Fanboard

 Source: EXO-K
Translated by: exo-plosion
Please take out with full credits

Hello. I am EXO-K’s Kai!
How was the time spent together with me today? Fun right?!
It was a special time to me too, I had a wonderful time!
Tomorrow there is music core and Genie AR show, everyone knows right?
All of us really anticipate it as well.
And the pictures I promised, do you remember?
Today Monggu and Jjanggu revealed!

Please love EXO a lot in the future
Please love me, Kai a lot too
I like everyone very much ~~~><
EXO-K Lets love~~!
P.S Please find a pretty and fitting way to describe me !

Will the person who gets picked win a present or not?! hehe

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Hello everyone you’ve waited for a long time right?

I have finally come to meet you !

I’m starting now :)


[FAN] Heol daebak, oppa look here

I love you I like you a lot

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

How much? :P


[FAN] Is it really Kai? I’ve waited for a long time..

Your haircut looks pretty

I love you.

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Is it really pretty? Thank you~~


[FAN] Oppa T_T This high school senior was waiting for you T_T

I am in my third year of high school, please cheer for me

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Good luck on your exam !!!! Fighting


[FAN] Jongin-ah, do you want to eat egg rolls with me? I’m hungry

Let’s eat egg rolls

Because of you I can’t eat because I’m sitting in front of my computer

Kim Jongin you jerk !!!!!! I love you~

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

What does it taste like? I’m curious~~


[FAN] Following my instict I’ve been here since 1PM

Following my instict, I’ve been waiting on the official fanboard since 1PM…

Wow daebak I didn’t expect you to see it Kai hehe


[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Since 1PM? It must be hard on you T_T


[FAN] Jongin-ah nuna is always thankful

Nuna really lives because of you lately T____T

There are more days when I can’t sleep nor eat

But when I see you, I gain strength everyday and live more diligently

That’s why I’m thankful again and again Jongin-ah T___T

Our Jonginnie who is nuna’s energizer T_____T

Jongin-ah thank you so much T__T This is all I have to say T_T

Thank you, I’m sorry and don’t get hurt T_____T

Nuna is going on an outside duty to become your ATM T_T

I’ll reach the business trip location later today and I’ll probably get back to Seoul on Monday..

But if you cheer on me, I’ll get strength and be able to work well T____T

Please cheer for Yeon-nuna♥♥♥♥

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Please make sure to eat !!

You guys are all my energizers


[FAN] Jongin-ah, what do you think about when you’re dancing?

I’m curious

Or are you too much into your dance to think of anything.. hehehe

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Everyone ! I keep thinking of you all


[FAN] Jongin-oppa I am so sleepy I feel like dying…


[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

But I’m right here?


[FAN] Kai you seem to like younger girls, nuna is crying

Please leave messages to nunas

We’re already sad to be older but if you’re like this it gets wrose…

Can you please say Shinhwa nuna fighting^^?@@

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Shinhwa nuna fighting

I don’t care whether you’re older or younger than me!


[FAN] Please reply to me with a dot

I looooooooooove you T_______T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Here’s your dot ke

[FAN] I was dancing to MAMA and then came on the official website Jongin-ah

I was wondering if you were going to leave replies…

Jongin-ah the dance is difficult… keke…

But I’ll try my best

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Even though it’s difficult, it’s a cool dance!

[FAN] Jongin-oppa, are you just going to greet fans and leave in Dongdaemun?

Or are you also going to dance with them???

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

If you come tomorrow you’ll know ! See you tomorrow :P

[FAN] Kai hyung Torres

Do you really like him the best?? kekeke

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Torres is the future of Chelsea!!!!!

[FAN] Jongin opal, my hand hurts

Instead of oppa, what do you think of opal?

(T/N : In Korean 5 is “oh” and 8 is “pal” so 58 is opal which is similar to oppa)

I respect and love you be strong !

Please leave me a heart

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

You have lots of sense~!

[FAN] Kai oppa please just once please please… T_T

My name is Suin


Please call me like this once T_T


[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Suin-ah~ hi?

[FAN] When are you going to show us Jjanggu


I’m curious !

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Coming soon~! Please look forward to it

[FAN] Jongin-oppa I am so sleepy I feel like dying…


[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

But I’m right here?

[FAN] Jonin-ah, what’s the nice thing about being 20???

Reply…please…. T___T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I’ve graduated but I’m not 20 T_T

[FAN] Because of Jongin oppa my hand is trembling„„

Ah seriously I have lost my mind…

Oppa is my energizer to go through school life T_T

Please send me one heart

Choco milk Kim Jongin I love you Kim Jongin

What’s the meaning behind the name Kim Jongin T______T

I can’t study T__T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Thank you heartttttt

[FAN] How’s your current mood feel after seeing the fanboard !!!?

hehehehehehehehe oppa you’re too sexy ><

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

It’s the best ! The bestttt!

[FAN] Are you avoiding my mesage?

I hate you oppa

this is a lie..T_T..

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I’ve come~~ I’m here

[FAN] Oppa do you know how to ride unicycles?? T_T

I want to go the Han river and ride a bicycle with you T_T

Even if you give me an unicycle I’ll do my best to use it T_T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I can’t ride unicycles T_T

[FAN] Jongin-ah, you don’t want to read my message right?… Right… Ha

But still T_T Just the fact you came [on the fanboard] drives me crazy T_T Who cares if you don’t leave me a reply

It could be because there are too many messages.. I understand but I’m sad T_T I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep well

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

But you have to sleep well it’s good for your body… hehe

[FAN] Jongin-ah do you like pork intestines?????????????

Nuna is going to eat pork intestines with her friends from university

Come and join us

Nuna will buy you 50 pieces^^!

Eat a lot Jongin-ah

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Pork intestines are the besttttt I really like eating them

Eat well with your friends from university^^

[FAN] Why did you call Monggu Monggu?

It reminds me of the word “plump” (T/N : plump in Korean is “mongshil mongshil”) kekekeke Monggu is cute

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

The Mong in Monggu does come from plump and gu is just a common syllabe

[FAN] Jongin-ah, have you seen the results of the Champions’ League?

I am a fan of Bayern Munich.. hehe..

I guess you’re happy because they (T/N : They as in Chelsea) won hehe….. hehe… hehe…. he….hehe…

Drogba is a bad person hehe……

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

hehe Torres didn’t play so he was upset~

[FAN] Oppa when are you the happiest?

When you dance? When you meet with your fans? When you’re with the EXO members?

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

How can you know me so well?

I like the three choices hehe

[FAN] Jongin oppa why are you so quiet

It must be hectic right? kekekekekekeke

In just one minute, a lot of messages come up so you’re probably out of your mind right now kekekekekekeke

Oppa fighting

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

The soup must be really salty hehe Fighting

(T/N : Kai made a mistake and replied to the wrong message)

[FAN] Jongin-ah, so you know how to type huh….

When you came

I thought you didn’t…

I like you ! Bbyong ! ♥

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I also check the news on the Internet !

[FAN] You’re drifting apart… becoming a point far away (T/N : It’s a quote from INFINITE’s Nothing’s Over)

Uahhhhhh kyaaah

Oppa I love you ♡_♡

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Shampooing and rincing is mandatory !

(T/N : I assume he made a mistake here too)

[FAN] Please look at me once Kai Jonginnie T____T I am tearing up


Please look at me

Here T_T

I miss you so much I am crying T_T

I heard you were weak in front of crying girls T_T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

How did you know T_T

That’s why I came T_T

[FAN] Please look at my message…. Show me a bit of attention T_T

The content of my message might not be really important

But please show me a bit of concert Jonin-ah T_T

Even if it’s just a little bit, no matter what is it’s fine T____T

Nuna wants a reply from you T______T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Here I am~~ Wipe your tears

[FAN] Jongin-ah, cheer on me please….

I failed my driver’s license yesterday so I… cr..ied T____T

I’ll try again next week so please tell me I’ll succeed…

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

You will pass ! Yaaap

[FAN] Kai hyung ! Are you okay with male fans?

Hyung, I saw you dancing and found it admirable so I became a fan !

You are really cool

I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance so starting from next month I’ll learn jazz

I want to see you on stage for a long time so always be healthy !!!

EXO Fighting !1!

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Thank you !

I wanted to become a singer after seeing the Shinhwa seniors

So this is a honor !! Fightiiing

[FAN] So you’re avoiding my messages huh !!!!!!

A dot or whatever please T___T I’m in 3rd year of high school… Euah T_T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

:P Good luck with the college entrace exam !

[FAN] Jongin oppa !! I was drawing and came here rushing

I didn’t rush but I am posting from the corridor right now T_T

I was waiting for this ! If I get a reply, I feel like I’ll be able to draw well !!

Jongin oppa is love. Heart.

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Are you going to draw me too?~~

[FAN] I’m curious to know what Jonginnie is wearing right now

A black t-shirt with all the EXO members on it?

kekekeke I like you !!

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Jeans and a purple tshirt~

[FAN] [What do you think of] the fans who attend every music show?

How are they?? You like them right?? hehe You love them? hehe

I’m one of them ^^*

I’d be happy if the oppas appreciated us hehehehe

I love you…♥ /shy//shy/

See you tomorrow and wait for it since i’ll be the loudest keke

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I feel like it’s thanks to your cheers that we get strength and we’re able to get ready for our performances !

I am really really thankful

I like you~~><

[FAN] Kai dongsaeng….

Kai dongsaeng….

What are you going to do after this???

How tasty is the food D.O dongsaeng does for you???

[KAI] Hello it’s EXO-K’s KAI

Did you ever eat spaghetti and faint

It’s this kind of taste

[FAN] Jongin-ah I hope you’ll write something to this aunt fan…

Can’t you leave me a reply T________T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Aunty~~~~~~ Hello hehe

[FAN] Jongin-ah ! You have to show your superpower at times like this !

Show us your strength !

Show us your strength !

Show us your strength !

Show us your strength !

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Woaaaaaah superpower~!!!!!

I just came back from the US !

[FAN] Oppa-yah I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you !!!!!!!!!!! Really !!!!!!!!!

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I like you !!!!!!!!!!! Really !!!!!!!!! hehe

[FAN] Jongin-ah do you want to become my muse?

Please cheer on me T_T

I am now in my 4th year [of university] and we have an exhibition before graduating but I don’t have any idea T____T

I am losing my confidence in design T________T I am so depressed T_____T

If you cheer on me I feel like I’ll gain strength and be able to do it T__T Even a dot is fine so please leave me a supportive message T____T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Aren’t you going to find aspiration if you watch our music videos or teasers?

Fightiiiing, I believe in you nuna !

[FAN] Kai

Are you taking good care of yourself

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I w i l l !!!!

[FAN] I tried drawing you, what do you think of it? Fanart -

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

It’s so much alike T_T The point is the thick lips !


[FAN] I can’t sleep because of Jonginnie…

Jongin-ah T____T I love you…♥

Because of you my life is turning into a mess T_T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

You have to sleep a lot to be healthy~

Nuna you have to be healthy and sleep a lot~


[FAN] I feel like I’m taking part into some sort of lotto


Am I going to be selected and are you going to come here this time… Replies angel Kim Jonin

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

You have been selected !! Pung pung~~~Waaaah



[FAN] I learned the History dance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you wanna dance with me?????????



Where are you?????????????????

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Take part in the AR show ! hehe you may get first !!


[FAN] Jongin-ah are you not going to come to Sejong University?

It’s great here so how about you join nuna T_T?

I’ll go and see you everytime you perform here

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

Can’t you come right now~~? :)


[FAN] Does my message stink?

Why do you keep on avoiding it T___T I’m hurt…

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I followed the scent and came here hehe

It smells like perfume~~


[FAN] You’re really sensitive when it comes to sleep

Jongin-ah kekekekeke

Is it because it’s the thing you want the most?

kekekekeke because you always look sleepy

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I am the pokemon Snorlax !

Since I’m with everyone, I’m not sleepy !


[FAN] We are one !! S2

Please say We are one just once !!!

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

WE ARE ONE EXO let’s love !!

Everyone, let’s love each other !


[FAN] It’s my last message

I am tired now…..


I am in 3rd year of high school so please leave a supportive message

Not something like “Good luck with the college entrance exam”

But “Get your acts together and study”… I have to come back together….

Also I’m from Suncheon

You must be happy to see someone from your home town

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

If you’re with Kai and EXO, the college entrance exam won’t be anything !

Good luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


[FAN] Jongin-ah, grandma doesn’t understand you…

How am I supposed to have Jonginnie read my message…..

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I miss you grandma

I miss you T_T



I really like you ! Ha I cried

I really like you ! Ha I cried

I really like you ! Ha I cried

I really like you ! Ha I cried

I really like you ! Ha I cried





(T/N : The Korean grammar was off it was probably translated with Google Translate)

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

I also like everyone~~~


[FAN] I am going to the AR video show…

Please leave me a reply T_____T So I can gain strength and do a good job with the dancing T____T

[KAI] Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai

You’re coming to the AR video show ?!

I’ll be looking forward to it~ See you there he

source: exo-k’s official website
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans


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