Monday, June 4, 2012

[Photo] 120604 EXO-M for Dangdai Getan (当代歌坛) Magazine

Source: dangdaigetan@weibo

@EXO-M 福利第三波,年老色不衰的 @当代歌坛 吉祥物大嘴被一群帅哥抓在手中感到很羞涩内,扭~~~~~><之后的签名拍立得要怎么互动怎么送大嘴还在踌躇中,各位粉丝可不可以给点建议呢?
@EXO-M the third wave of benefits, the still young looking Big Mouth mascot of @Pop Magazine was very shy inside when grabbed by the hands of a group of handsome boys, twisted~~~~~ >< for signed polaroids in the future, still hesitating as to how to interact and give away Big Mouth, can the fans give me some suggstions?
(t/n: 大嘴 is an alligator, the mascot of Pop Magazine, but literally means Big Mouth)

source: Pop Magazine’s weibo
translation cr; xuan@exom-trans
take out with full credits. 
1600x1071 image without watermark


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