Sunday, June 3, 2012

[Trans] 120603 EXO-M Weibo Update


Dear fans and friends, hello! We’ve finally returned to China!!! I’m really happy to be able to see you guys again~ The recent activities we had in Korea, did you guys look out for them? Keke..I didn’t think that the us who aren’t active in Korea, would also receive so much support and love from there too, it’s really such a big surprise! (I’m) really thankful to everyone~ 

Since we’re already back now, then we can meet everyone more often, I’m really excited, we’ve made you wait long, I like you guys ^^


Hello. It’s EXO-M’s steamed bun Xiumin. For around a month, we promoted in Korea with EXO-K friends as EXO. I’m really thankful because the Korean fans gave us a lot of love when we were promoting in Korea, and thank you so so much to the all the Chinese fans too who always watched over us and gave us an infinite love. 

It’s Xiumin all of you fans came to pick up at the airport! I was surprised again~ Thanks a lot for coming to welcome EXO-M, I’m always touched ㅜㅜ Look forward to our promotions in China too! To all of our fans! I love you.


Dear fans, we’ve come back from korea~! ^^ You guys must have missed us a lot right?!~We on the other hand missed you guys a lot!! ^^ Haha.. We’ll be participating in a lot of activities when returning this time, we’ll work hard to show an even better image to everyone! I hope that everyone can give us a lot of support, a lot of attention! I love you guys~! 


We’ve kept everyone waiting~, EXO-M has finally returned to China to meet with everyone, (I’m) really happy. We received a lot of love and care from friends and fans in Korea from China, thank you for your continuous care for EXO-M, I really hope there will a lot more chances to see you guys, every time I see you guys I feel really happy, really warm. You’ll always love us, right? I love you all~ ^^


Hello~!EXO-M came back from Korea! I was really thankful and happy because a lot of fans gave interest to EXO-M. I think it became a big strength to me!! I will become even stronger to show you a great image! Love us a lot please~

We will prepare and work hard to show you a great performance with EXO’s 12 members in China too! I love you~ Bye. (p.s. I missed you ㅜㅜ)


Hello everyone! I am Kongfu Panda TAOPreviously we reunited with the K members, we went to LA together, we participated in fan signs together, and had a stage which belonged to the 12 of us, I really didn’t think that there would be so many fans there, I’m really happy.

At Beijing airport you also let me feel your passion, thank you everyone! While you guys love us, we are also loving you, we will work hard, in return to all of you. Tao loves you all~!

source; exo-m@weibo
translation cr; xuan + emilie @ exom-trans + exok-trans


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