Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Trans] 120508 EXO-K's TVDaily Interview (Pt. 2)

SM Entertainment’s rookie group EXO-K are ‘full’ of seniors. As far as H.O.T and Shinhwa to DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee and even SNSD. The large number of famous names didn’t make things easier for EXO-K and it made them become practice maniacs; the experience EXO-K gained kept them growing.
During the pre-debut 100 days promotion, every time a teaser of the 12 people was released the expectations raised, even more so because they’re the first rookie group SM produces after 4 years.
“We’re the first rookies after a long time. Because our seniors established well the Hallyu and K-POP’s path, we were pressured about what we’ll do if our skills can’t match that. So we united more and worked harder.”(Chanyeol), “Because our seniors did well, we had to be successful too. So I think that we practiced even harder.”(Baekhyun)
Their seniors gave them a lot of advice for their debut. “When our debut stage ended, DBSK’s U-Know Yunho senior called us from Japan. Personally calling at dawn! He ended his concert in Japan and called us. And he gave us advice. We put the call on speaker phone and all the members listened attentively.”(Chanyeol)
“As for me, he told me that the song had a strong feeling but it would be good if I practiced charismatic expressions and gestures to overwhelm the audience, so of course I practiced hard. I was really touched.”(Chanyeol)
“Anyway, since we’re doing it live, our seniors have this know-how. He advised us to ‘Do the live while running’. He told us it was because the breathing was extremely important.”(D.O)
So junior EXO-K practiced according to their seniors’ advice. “After that, we ran during 1 hour everyday while singing in the company’s practice room. It had a huge effect.”(Sehun, D.O)
The SNSD unit, Taetiseo is currently promoting and they’re a reassuring support. “When we first appeared on ‘Music Core’, our seniors were MC-ing. We were totally nervous then, they came to greet us in our waiting room and they gave us a lot of encouragement. They said we were great and it gave us strength to go up on stage.”(Chanyeol)
The records the idols produced by SM made are at the level of a ‘4-dimension wall you can’t pass’. When telling about their seniors’ achievements to EXO-K who were opening their eyes widely, we asked them which one of these achievements they were the most envious of: Shinhwa not breaking up after 14 years, Super Junior being 1st overseas during 100 weeks, DBSK gathering 550,000 people in Japan for their concert.
They all said without any hesitation “All of these”. Baekhyun said “I’m personally very envious of Shinhwa seniors who stayed 14 years together”, as Chanyeol said this last sentence.
“We want to stay together for over 14 years like Shinhwa seniors, while being #1 overseas for 100 weeks like Super Junior seniors, and do a concert with more than 550,000 people in the audience like DBSK seniors. We will work hard. We will really do our best.”
If it’s these boys, it seems that this milestone can be reached.
source: tvdaily
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
please take out with full credits.
(Continuation from Part 1)


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